Critically Acclaimed

February 21, 2010 at 23:54 (Uncategorized)

As a first post in our “relaunch” of NORDiQ, I thought that I would share with you something truly awesome that just happened to us (and of course me, YAY).

Ye thats right, I and NORDiQ studios are now officially critically acclaimed. Our fragmovie “So Long, Sisters” featuring RNL recently won the “Meilleure Vidéo Étrangère” at – and for those of you who don’t know french, it means best foreign movie :).

So that’s pretty positive. Also, “So Long, Sisters” have won the award for Movie of the Year at, the danish site for dods. It’s the highest user rated movie on, and in the top 6 among the movies reviewed by the site. You can’t argue that the movie has really created a name for itself, in a way I never thought possible. More and more it’s becoming my point of reference, the fragmovie on which the judgement of all my future projects will be based. My calling card almost :P.

Well, gratz NORDiQ. And also, be sure to look forward to my next movie, Project 3, featuring xday, a french dods player. Also, check out our channel (if that is not the reason for you being here in the first place) at

By for now :)

– aXy


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NORDiQ Studios on youtube!

February 20, 2010 at 00:56 (Uncategorized)

Bonjour le gens!

After some time of ‘sit-still’ in NORDiQ Studios, we have decided to take the NORDiQ Studios brand a bit further, by making a Youtube-channel that will consist of video content from NORDiQ Studios.

The new Youtube-channel will allow you to EASILY access new movies, trailers, clips and other moviemaking related content. The channel is still under construction, but hopefully we can continue to keep it up-to-date in the future. Every video will be uploaded so you can download it and view it in its original quality.

You can check out the new NORDiQ youtube-channel at:

Subscribers will naturally be kept updated on the latest clips, so subscribe! We would also appreciate it a lot if you would leave a comment on the videos you like!

Kind regards on behalf of the NORDiQ staff.

– ZiGarren

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Perplexed 2

July 31, 2009 at 20:22 (Releases)

It’s already time for exodus‘ second player movie, this time featuring uk Joseph “jo3y” Dant. This is what exodus had to tell us about his latest release:

exodus: “Ok well been making this movie for months, did the same thing I did for alones.  Just had it sat on my hdd not moving an me saying ‘Oh yes I have been editing loads :)’ haha, which is kind of true? I just do it all at once, so I started making this movie from like 25% done 3 almost 4 weeks ago, then it was basically done 2 weeks ago, but I just got really lazy with last parts to record and intro and outro.  Eventually I got round to them and here we are.  Hope you enjoy!”

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Along came Alfie

July 17, 2009 at 16:40 (Team updates)

Now after exodus recently joined, and really did NORDiQ honor with his Alone in the Dark movie, we thought that we’d expand the NORDiQ family even more, accepting Alfie ‘Alfie‘ Read, who not long ago made a nice 2nd place in the zeroPoint! Lan trailer competition. He is always working hard, and will surely be and nice addition to this (now) half english/danish combo.

Alfie “Alfie” Read statement:

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Exodus joining the ranks!

April 10, 2009 at 19:25 (Team updates)

After some long talks between me and ZiGarren we decided that NORDiQ should expand.  So therefore we decided to add exodus to the roster. He has already done some “Highlights of the Week” movies for zeroPoint! Gaming, and looks to be a promising addition to our ranks.

Exodus is the first member to be added to NORDiQ, and we look forward to the future fragmovies from his side.

Welcome Jonathan ‘exodus’ Naylor!

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April 4, 2009 at 01:14 (Uncategorized)


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Welcome to

March 29, 2009 at 02:00 (General News)

Hello and welcome to the recently released website of NORDiQ Studios! We’ve created this blog mainly to add another aspect of NORDiQ Studios, and give you a little extra read on considerations behind the projects already released as well as ones upcoming. The NORDiQ Studios web-blog will include the major priorities such as information about our members, the organization in general, our work/projects and of course some ordinary meaningless stuff about making fragmovies. Hope you’ll find the stay interesting and of course re-visit the site for updates.

– Kind regards on behalf of the NORDiQ Studios staff. Enjoy!


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